Touch VPN – Fast Wifi Security
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Touch VPN – Fast Wifi Security

Protecting yourself online has become more important than ever, especially when browsing on public Wi-Fi. While public Wi-Fi is highly convenient, it’s also highly risky because these networks are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to secure your online activities is one way to safeguard your data and privacy. Touch VPN sits at the top of the list of VPNs for all the right reasons.

Touch VPN is a free VPN service that offers a secure, fast, and reliable connection to the internet, providing users with a wide range of features that enhance online privacy and security. This VPN is user-friendly and simple to use. Users have praised the app for its simple, sleek, and intuitive design. Interface-wise, the app boasts an aesthetic, beautiful and easy-to-use interface that aligns with the developers’ mission of creating an easy-to-use VPN. In this piece, we will explore in-depth some of the features that make Touch VPN a top VPN.

What is Touch VPN?

Touch VPN is a VPN service that provides secure and private access to the internet for users via a virtual private network tunnel. The virtual private network encrypts users’ internet connections and routes their traffic through a remote server to enhance online privacy. It is managed by TouchVPN Inc., a company that is based in the United States.

Touch VPN is completely free, there is no premium service, hidden premium features or trials, making it available for both beginners and experts. TouchVPN is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

Touch VPN Features

Ease of Use and User-Friendly Interface

One of the standout features of Touch VPN is its ease of use. The app interface is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly, making it easy for beginners and experts alike. The app has an on/off switch to turn the VPN on/off and a location selector to choose from its vast range of server locations. It’s easy to navigate the app and all the settings, and the app runs smoothly.

Unlimited Data and Bandwidth

With Touch VPN’s free service, users get an unlimited data limit and unlimited bandwidth, and the speeds are fast and stable, which is usually not the case with free VPNs. This unlimited data and bandwidth feature make Touch VPN an attractive option for users who are heavy internet users, streamers, or downloaders.

Multiple Server Locations

Touch VPN has more than 30 server locations in over 30 countries covering different continents, including the USA, the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and more. These servers allow Touch VPN to bypass geographical restrictions and censorship, and users can switch between these servers swiftly to access different regions’ content.

Strong Encryption

Touch VPN uses AES-256 encryption to secure users’ connections, which is the latest and strongest encryption protocol. This encryption standard makes sure that data transmitted through the VPN tunnel is completely secure, preventing third parties from viewing or stealing users’ data.

Ad Blocking

Touch VPN comes with an ad blocker built-in, ensuring that users do not have to deal with ads. Ad blockers deter the many trackers that are often used to gather users’ data. Additionally, Touch VPN’s ad blocker will load pages much faster by eliminating ad traffic, saving users’ bandwidth.

Zero-Logging Policy

Touch VPN has an anti-logging policy that keeps all user data private. By collecting only minimal data required to provide the service and no user data, Touch VPN minimizes data retention, and users’ extraneous logs are automatically deleted. This means no records of users’ online activities are kept or can be traced back to users.

Protection on Public Wi-Fi

Touch VPN provides an extra layer of security by keeping users’ data private when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are often unsecured, and cybercriminals often use them to prey on unsuspecting users looking for free internet access. Touch VPN encrypts users’ data, making any data transmitted over the VPN tunnel inaccessible to third parties.

Touch VPN Pricing

Touch VPN is completely free to use and doesn’t offer any premium plan or trial. The app is financed by advertisements. Ads are displayed in the app and browser, with the browser extension requiring users to watch short ads before connecting to servers.

Touch VPN Customer Support

The app comes with no direct customer support. However, the app’s FAQ section covers common questions and provides solutions to problems. Additionally, Touch VPN has an email address where users can file a complaint or send feedback.

Pros of Touch VPN

1. Ease of use and user-friendly interface.

2. It’s entirely free.

3. Unlimited data and bandwidth.

4. Multiple server locations.

5. Strong encryption.

6. Ad blocking.

7. Zero-logging policy.

8. Protection on public Wi-Fi.

Cons of Touch VPN

1. No customer support available.

2. Display of ads.


Touch VPN is an exceptional VPN service that provides fast, secure, and reliable internet access while enhancing its users’ privacy and security. It’s free, user-friendly and features unlimited data and bandwidth, multiple server locations, strong encryption, zero-logging policy, and protection on public Wi-Fi among others. Touch VPN’s simple yet intuitive interface makes it one of the most straightforward VPN’s in the market. The only cons with Touch VPN are no customer support and the display of ads. Nonetheless, Touch VPN is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a free VPN to cover their data protection needs.