Todoist: to-do list & planner
Doist Inc.

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Todoist: To-Do List & Planner is a popular productivity app that helps individuals and teams stay organized with their tasks and projects. Available on various platforms such as web, mobile and desktop, Todoist helps you keep track of your day to day activities, capture new ideas, and assist your productivity.

The app is designed to help users manage their tasks, projects, and goals in a simple, straight-forward manner. With the help of Todoist, you can create to-do lists and share them with your team members. Additionally, you can set deadlines and priorities, label tasks with keywords, and add notes and comments to make tasks more informative.

One of the best things about Todoist is its cross-platform support. Todoist is available on multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox. This means that your tasks and projects will be synced in real-time across all your devices, giving you a seamless experience.

Another impressive feature of Todoist is its natural language processing ability, which makes creating tasks super easy, and you can create tasks by merely typing them out as you would naturally. In addition, it also comes with voice recognition feature, allowing you to create tasks using your voice commands.

Todoist’s interface is minimalistic and user friendly, and the app comes with pre-determined task categories to choose from, or you can create custom ones. Furthermore, you can further customize settings such as the default project view, color themes, and task actions.

With Todoist, you can seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues by sharing tasks, assigning specific tasks to the appropriate team members and even creating subtasks for projects. It works with an invite feature that will allow you to be able to invite people to be a part of a specific project, which will enable you to share responsibilities and communicate within the Task.

Another feature that stands out is the Dashboard, which provides a summary of your progress. The Dashboard provides you with a bird’s eye view of your projects and their statuses. It’s an excellent way to quickly get an overview of your day’s workload, and prioritize your activities as needed.

Todoist comes in two pricing categories- Free and Premium. The free version allows you to create upto 80 active projects, while the premium version which costs $3 per month or $36 per year, includes features like; unlimited project creation, the ability to add up to 200 reminders a day, custom task labels, and priority support.

The premium version comes with additional features that can be really beneficial for a busy individual or team member. It adds features like calendar feed support, customizable reminders, task notes and comments, task search filters and backups.

One brilliant design that we loved is their Karma design. Todoist rewards you with Karma points for completing tasks, setting reminders, and more. The motivation is both simple and effective. Setting out tasks for a day and being able to accomplish them is an excellent way to start every day. And with Karma, Todoist helps to keep you motivated to push even harder.

In Summary, Todoist is an easy-to-use app that can help anyone stay on track with their tasks, projects, and goals. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, Todoist can be an ideal choice. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a great tool for staying organized and more productive. The app’s flexible pricing options and cross-platform support make it a worthwhile investment, and the karma system further motivates users to get more done. Overall, Todoist is an excellent tool for anyone looking to take their productivity to the next level.