TheaterEars ULTRA – (Beta)

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TheaterEars ULTRA (Beta) – Taking Movie-Going Experience to Another Level

We all love watching movies in a theater surrounded by fellow movie enthusiasts and sharing the same cinematic experience. The smell of fresh popcorn, the sound of speakers that still thrill despite these new times and the anticipation before the start of the movie appeal to all our senses. However, what if that experience could be enhanced to cater to a more diverse group of people? What if a technology could bring the sound of a movie to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or who may have difficulty understanding dialogues because of a language barrier? This is exactly what TheaterEars ULTRA seeks to achieve.

What is TheaterEars ULTRA?

TheaterEars ULTRA (Beta) is a novel enhancement that promises to take movie-going to another level of inclusivity. It allows non-native speakers and deaf or hard-of-hearing (DHOH) persons to listen to their favorite movies in a language they find comfortable or receive a reading of each dialogue. TheaterEars ULTRA is developed by a Los Angeles-based startup, TheaterEars LLC, founded in 2016 by CEO, Dan Mangru, who happened to observe his Spanish-speaking aunt missing out on the action while watching a movie with him, which inspired him to create a solution where people regardless of their language preference can enjoy and understand a movie in the same way.

How Does TheaterEars ULTRA Work?

The customer enters the theater and buys a ticket as usual, and once inside, the customer downloads TheaterEars ULTRA application from the App Store or the Play Store. After the download, the customer pairs the application with the TheaterEars ULTRA broadcasting device that is usually placed around the projector in the theater. The broadcasting device is designed with an inherent delay, allowing enough time to synchronise the broadcast of the movie with the application software. Once TheatreEars ULTRA is paired, the user selects their preferred language from a list, or they may opt for closed captions. The application then streams the modified version of the movie to the user’s device, with the sound quality maintained at the same level as the original version.

Benefits of TheaterEars ULTRA

TheaterEars ULTRA provides a wide range of benefits to various categories of people. The following are some of the benefits that are inherent in using TheaterEars ULTRA:

1. Inclusivity:

TheaterEars ULTRA makes it possible for everyone, regardless of whether they are hard-of-hearing or non-native speakers, to enjoy movies in their preferred language. This inclusivity makes it possible for everyone, regardless of their preferences or constraints, to enjoy the same cinematic experience as everyone else in the theater.

2. Accessibility:

TheaterEars ULTRA offers accessibility to people who may have preferred a movie’s language but may have missed the chance to do so due to their language barrier. The application provides an avenue for them to follow the dialogue of the movie without the need for subtitles or the need to have someone translate every dialogue for them.

3. Ease of Use:

TheaterEars ULTRA is designed to work with minimal intervention by the customer. The customer only needs to download the application, select their preferred language, and that’s it. There is no need for extra resources or personnel to initiate the system’s use, making it very user-friendly.

4. Safety:

The use of TheaterEars ULTRA is also safe, considering the current need for social distancing. With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a considerable risk of viral transmission in movie theaters. Therefore, the application eliminates the need for more individuals to come into contact with a user, thus preserving their health.

Limitations of TheaterEars ULTRA

Though promising an impressive movie experience, TheaterEars ULTRA has its limitations. The following are some of those limitations:

1. Availability:

TheaterEars ULTRA is only available in specific theaters. Presently, it is mostly available in theaters in the United States, and its availability is still limited. Therefore, it may not be accessible to many people globally, although its developers have plans to expand its reach as time passes.

2. Cost:

Using TheaterEars ULTRA in a movie theater comes at an extra cost, on top of an already expensive movie ticket. The fee for using the application may also vary among theaters, which might be quite costly for many customers.

3. Application Compatibility:

TheaterEars ULTRA is only compatible with smartphones for now. Therefore, individuals who may not have smartphones may not enjoy the benefits of the application.

4. Configuration:

The theater may be required to take additional steps before broadcasting the movie with TheaterEars ULTRA. The broadcasting device has to be installed within the theater, making sure that the system works seamlessly.

New Features of TheaterEars ULTRA

TheaterEars ULTRA is still undergoing testing, and its developers are working to improve its features. Here are some new features that users can expect in the future.

1. Transcripts:

TheaterEars ULTRA is adding an optional transcript feature for users who are comfortable with reading but may not be familiar with some languages. This addition is going to make movies accessible to more audiences who may not prefer listening alone.

2. Movie Variety:

The TheaterEars ULTRA team is working on creating an application that can stream to user’s devices from movie studios’ servers, which means that ULTRA can reach more movie genres.

3. App Compatibility:

TheaterEars ULTRA is designed to be used on smartphones only for now, although the team is also working on an app version that can work on tablets or laptops.


TheaterEars ULTRA is a breakthrough innovation that promises to enhance the movie-going experience. By breaking barriers such as language and hearing difficulties, the application ensures that everyone can enjoy the same movies in any language they prefer. Although there are limitations such as cost and compatibility issues, the benefits of this innovation largely outweigh the limitations. Finally, the current pandemic crisis has made TheaterEars ULTRA more appealing, as more people choose to attend movies solo, knowing that their health is guaranteed.