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Text on photo is an excellent way to deliver a message or convey an emotion while enhancing the visual appeal of an image. Text on photo has gained prominence in social media as a means of personal expression and advertising. In today’s world, where attention spans are short, captions and quotes are often the first thing that grabs that attention of casual onlookers on social media.

Text on photo adds a layer of contextualization and depth to the imagery. With the technology and tools readily available these days, anybody can add text to their pictures. From quotes to lyrics, memes to ads, and personal messages to shoutouts, text on photo has the potential to take a boring or dull photo and bring it to life.

Text on photo can be fun and experimental, or it can be minimalist and professional. When done appropriately, text on photo can create a powerful brand identity or personal style, as seen in many Instagram influencers and brands. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of text on the photo, the best ways to use text on the photo, and how to add text to your pictures.

The benefits of text on photo

There are numerous benefits of adding text to your photos, which mostly revolve around enhanced visual communication. Here are a few reasons why you might consider adding text to your photos:

1. Immediate messaging

With text on photo, you can quickly capture the emotion of a moment and convey it or connect with your audience. As social media users, we all have a short attention span and get bored with excessive images. However, adding text on a photo adds character to the image and helps in capturing an audience’s interest in the content.

2. Better Clarity

Text on photos enhances clarity by explaining or summarizing the scene, making it easy for viewers to understand the image. This is particularly essential in marketing, where text on images can replace lengthy product descriptions and highlight benefits or features of the product.

3. Brand Identity

Text on photo gives brands an opportunity to create a unique visual identity by using different fonts, colors, and layouts as part of a theme or visual style. For example, if you see a particular font or color scheme on a post, you may become assured immediately that it’s from a particular brand. The text on photo helps in building brand recognition and consistency.

4. Expressive

Text on photo allows a user to express their creativity by choosing different font styles and sizes to create an eye-catching visual design. This freedom to express themselves through text can boost confidences of the creators, and help convey their message even more personal and intimate.

Now that we know the benefits of text on photo, let’s explore how we can maximize the impact of text on photo by providing consistent visual appeal and communication.

Best ways to use text on photo

Text on photo is useful when done appropriately, and here are some of the recommended ways to use text on photo:

1. Captioning

Captioning is one of the most popular ways to use text on photo, and it includes adding a short description or summary of the image. Instagram is one of the best examples of captioning, where users combine photos with meaningful captions that communicate the photo’s narrative.

Captioning using text on photo can engage your audience and help your image stand out among other users’ bland posts.

2. Meme Creation

Memes are a popular way to use text on photos, and meme makers often overlay humorous texts on popular images to create a reference point. With social distancing limiting our physical interactions, the internet has seen a surge in memes that have helped break the monotony of being confined in a small space.

3. Advertising

Text on photo is commonly used for advertising purposes, where brands add text to their photos to promote their products or reinforce their brand image. Advertising is where text on photo can become more professional and creates visual excellence to capture the intended audience’s attention.

Text on photo is an excellent way to customize and enhance ads for different social media platforms like Facebook Ads and Instagram Ad campaigns.

4. Graphic Design

Graphic designers often use text on photo as part of their design work. They might use text to highlight a specific element in a design or add a quote to provide extra motivation or inspiration to the viewer. Graphic design is elevated by the addition of text on photo, and adding text as a design element can serve as an additional creative way to transmit your message.

Adding text to photos

Adding text to a photo is simple and straightforward, and you don’t need a professional tool to do it. Here is how you can add text to your photos:

1. Use Photo Editing Software

Photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, or PicMonkey have built-in tools that allow you to add text to your images. This allows for more creative freedom and customisation that can set your text apart from others. If you are accustomed to using these types of software, they offer the best way to make bulk edits and design elements.

2. Use Social Media Software

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook provide in-app tools that allow you to add text directly to your posts. These tools are convenient for quick edits or to use for making posts in real-time. Such features might not be updated with your desired choices of customization on the app itself but can nonetheless get the job done quickly and effectively.

A famous app specifically for solely text on photo features is dedicated and widely used called “Canva.” These applications give you access to fonts, colours, and layouts that can enhance the design of your post.

3. Use Third-party Applications

There are also third-party applications designed to add text to photos that you can download from the app store. Some of the popular options include Over, Textgram, and Quip. These mobile applications are designed with text on photo as their first and sole features, ensuring an easy to use interface to cater to your text on photo needs.


Text on photo is a great way to deliver a message or add an extra layer to an image to enhance it visually. Whether you’re captioning, creating memes, advertising, or designing, the benefits of text on photo are vast. Adding text to an image can be achieved through several means, including photo editing software, social media apps, or third-party applications.

When used well and in good taste, text on photo can help convey emotion, build a brand image, and add a professional touch to any post or design. Be creative, innovative and always keep in mind the message you aim to communicate through your photos. Happy creating!