Spotify: Music, Podcasts, Lit
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Spotify: Music, Podcasts, and Literature in One Place

Spotify is perhaps the most popular music streaming service today. It has plenty of features that make it a favorite app for millions of people around the globe. It is an efficient and easy platform for streaming music and discovering new artists. However, there’s more to Spotify than just music. With the rise in popularity of podcasts, Spotify has become a go-to app for podcast listeners as well. Recently, Spotify has also incorporated audiobooks and literary contents into their platform, making it a one-stop-shop for all things audio entertainment.


Spotify is primarily known for its massive collection of music. The app has over 70 million songs in its library, meaning there is a genre and artist for everyone. The app has different playlists curated by the Spotify team and other listeners, providing an immense amount of variety. It is accessible on multiple devices including mobile, desktop, and smart speakers. Spotify has a personalized algorithm feature, which recommends songs based on an individual listener’s listening habits. Thus, allowing users to discover new music they otherwise would have never heard of.

Spotify users can also create their own playlists, allowing them to curate songs they prefer. For instance, one can create workout music playlists for their gym sessions, a playlist of chilled music for a relaxing evening, or a playlist of the perfect tunes for road trips. It is easy to create playlists on Spotify, and the bonus is that users can share these playlists with their friends and family members.


Spotify has not only gained popularity with music lovers but has also become a go-to platform for podcasts. The app recognizes the rising popularity of podcasts and now offers over 2.6 million shows. There has been tremendous growth in podcasts in recent years, covering just about any topic imaginable. From entertainment to politics, there is a podcast for everyone.

The app offers a diverse portfolio of podcast options. There are original podcasts, exclusive shows, and podcasts from third parties. By providing exclusive shows, Spotify allows its brand to stand out from other platforms that have a similar service. For instance, The Michelle Obama Podcast is one of the exclusive shows on the app. It is an insightful podcast where Michelle talks about everything from relationships to parenting and politics.

Spotify also offers a “Your Library” feature, allowing users to create a list of favorite podcasts. This feature makes it easy for listeners to keep track of the latest episodes of their preferred shows. Podcast listeners can also share and follow their favorite shows with other Spotify users. Additionally, Spotify offers playlists of recommended podcasts based on a listener’s listening history – this helps keep users up to date with trending topics.


Spotify’s newest feature is bringing audiobooks and literary content to the platform. The tech company has teamed up with the audiobook provider Storytel to offer typical audiobook content and also launch a set of Originals dedicated to Nordic Noir, which will be published under Spotify’s own brand. Spotify is aware of its users’ demand for longer-form audio stories, and it is a smart move to add audiobooks to the platform.

Spotify is promoting its audiobooks feature through a new test campaign that features a handful of curated titles, including The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Midnight Library, and Frankenstein. The app also offers a library of short stories and poetry for users to indulge without investing too much time. Currently, literature is not available in all countries, but there is hope that the company will extend this feature for wider accessibility.

Spotify has always been about making audio content easily accessible to its users. With the addition of audiobooks to the app, it makes the platform more versatile and appealing to a new market. By featuring literary content on the app, it allows users to access literature anywhere and anytime.


In conclusion, Spotify is more than just a music streaming app. With the addition of podcasts and audiobooks, the platform has grown into a diverse entertainment hub. Spotify allows you to bundle all different streams of media into one app, making it easier to jump from music to a podcast, and now to audiobooks. It is a convenient and efficient service to discover new artists, listen to your favorite podcasts, and indulge in entertaining literature. Spotify’s integration of these media types makes the app an all-in-one destination for audio content.