Screen Recorder – XRecorder
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Screen Recorder – XRecorder: The Ultimate Solution for High-Quality Screen Captures

Screen recording has become an essential way to capture content from the internet or create video tutorials.

The demand for screen recording applications has increased with the boom in online content creation and e-learning. From creating YouTube videos to recording webinars, screen recording has become a significant skill to have to produce high-quality content.

In this article, we’ll explore one popular screen recording software, Screen Recorder – XRecorder, that makes capturing screens easy and convenient.

What is Screen Recorder – XRecorder?

Screen Recorder – XRecorder is a free screen recorder application developed by InShot Inc. It allows users to capture screens, edit, and save videos in various formats.

With Screen Recorder – XRecorder, users can create tutorials, gameplays, live shows, video chats, and more. The app is available in numerous languages, and users can record videos up to 1080p resolution.

Key Features of Screen Recorder – XRecorder

1. Easy Screen recording

Screen Recorder – XRecorder makes screen recording straightforward and fast. Users can record screen with just one tap, and the app also enables users to pause, resume, and stop recording whenever they wish.

2. High Quality Recording

The app boasts high-quality video recording up to 1080p resolution with up to 60 fps (frames per second). It ensures a smooth recording experience and ensures the video produced has sharp and clear visuals.

3. Audio Recording

Screen Recorder – XRecorder not only records video but also captures audio. Users can enable or disable microphone audio or system audio recording while recording, to record audio on the video.

4. Video Editing

Screen Recorder – XRecorder offers a built-in video editor that allows users to trim videos, adjust speed, merge videos, and more. The editor also features effects such as filters, text, and music.

5. Sharing

The app makes it easy to share videos on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Users can also share videos via email or other messaging apps.

6. No watermarks or time limits on recordings

It comes as a free screen recorder without any watermark or time limit. Users can record their screens for as long as they want without any limitation.

How to use Screen Recorder – XRecorder?

Using Screen Recorder – XRecorder is easy and convenient. Below are some simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Download Screen Recorder – XRecorder

From the Google Play Store, search for Screen Recorder – XRecorder, and click on ‘Install’ to download the app.

Step 2: Launch the app

Once Screen Recorder – XRecorder is installed, launch the app and click on the ‘Record’ icon to start recording the screen.

Step 3: Set up Settings

Set up the desired video and audio settings such as resolution, audio format, and more.

Step 4: Record the Screen

Now, users can start recording the screen with a tap. Pause and resume recording as they wish, and when done, click on ‘Stop’ to end the recording.

Step 5: Edit the video

After recording, users can edit the video with the built-in editor that comes with Screen Recorder – XRecorder.

Step 6: Share the video

After editing the video, users can share it on various social media platforms or messaging apps.

Why choose Screen Recorder – XRecorder?

1. Free and No Watermark

Screen Recorder – XRecorder comes as a free screen recording app with no watermark. Users can enjoy a limitless recording experience without restrictions.

2. High-Quality Recording

The app offers a high-quality recording experience with up to 1080p resolution and 60 fps. Users can capture videos with sharp and clear visuals.

3. Built-in Video Editor

Screen Recorder – XRecorder comes with a built-in editor that enables users to edit their videos effortlessly. Users can add filters, text, music, or merge videos in the editor.

4. Audio Recording

The app also allows for audio recording. Users can choose to enable or disable microphone audio or system audio recording during a recording.

5. User-friendly

The app is user-friendly, with easy navigation and controls. Users can effortlessly create and edit videos and share them online.


Screen Recorder – XRecorder is an excellent screen recording app suitable for content creators and online learners. Whether creating video tutorials, capturing screen content, or recording gaming sessions, it offers various features that make screen recording simple and convenient. With a built-in editor, high-quality video recording, and sharing capabilities, it is undoubtedly an essential tool for those seeking to create compelling and engaging videos. The app is available for free download on Google Play store, and users can start recording screens right away!