Playground: ragdoll

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Playground: Ragdoll is a physics-based puzzle game developed by Aleksandr Dobretsov. It was released for iOS and Android platforms in 2021. The game is a unique take on puzzle games, providing players with a sandbox-style environment where they can manipulate a ragdoll character and interact with various objects. The objective of the game is to complete challenges by placing the ragdoll character in a specific location while avoiding obstacles and hazards in the environment.


Playground: Ragdoll is a physics-based puzzle game where players control the movement of a ragdoll character in a sandbox-style environment. The game features more than 70 levels with varying difficulty and challenges. Each level presents a unique set of obstacles and hazards that players must navigate through to complete the challenge.

The gameplay is simple to understand but can be challenging to master. Players use simple touch controls to manipulate the ragdoll character by dragging it across the screen. The ragdoll is a physics-based object and is affected by gravity, inertia, and other physical properties. Players can use various objects in the environment, such as crates, trampolines, and fans, to manipulate the ragdoll’s movement and complete puzzles.

The game is divided into various levels, with each level requiring players to complete a specific objective. The objectives vary, but they usually involve getting the ragdoll into a specific location while avoiding obstacles and hazards in the environment. Some levels require players to collect objects or coins while navigating through the environment.

The game features a star system that rewards players for completing objectives within a certain time limit. Players can also earn stars for collecting all the objects in a level or completing a level without losing a certain number of lives. The stars unlock new levels and game modes, providing players with more challenges.

Graphics and Sound

Playground: Ragdoll features colorful and cartoonish graphics that are pleasing to the eye. The game’s environments are well-designed and feature a variety of objects, including obstacles and hazards, which add to the game’s challenge. The ragdoll character is also well-animated, and its movements are realistic, giving the game a sense of immersion.

The game’s sound effects and music are well-suited to the game’s style. The background music is upbeat and catchy, providing players with an enjoyable experience. The sound effects are also well-done and add to the game’s atmosphere. The ragdoll’s sounds when colliding with objects or falling are particularly satisfying.


Playground: Ragdoll is a physics-based puzzle game that provides players with a unique and enjoyable experience. The game’s sandbox-style environment allows players to interact with various objects and manipulate the ragdoll’s movement to solve puzzles and complete challenges. The game’s graphics and sound are well-done, adding to the game’s immersive experience.

The game is easy to understand but challenging to master, providing players with a sense of accomplishment when completing levels and objectives. The star system provides players with an incentive to play the game and complete challenges, unlocking new levels and game modes.

Overall, Playground: Ragdoll is an excellent game for anyone looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game. The game’s unique gameplay and well-designed environments provide a refreshingly different experience to other puzzle games. If you enjoy physics-based puzzle games, Playground: Ragdoll is definitely worth playing.