Magic Tiles 3

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Magic Tiles 3 is an incredibly popular mobile game that has taken the world by storm. Developed by Amanotes Pte. Ltd., the game is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and is loved by gamers of all ages. Magic Tiles 3 follows in the footsteps of the previous two versions of the game, but takes gameplay to the next level with improved graphics, better sound quality, and more challenging levels. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Magic Tiles 3 and what makes it such a hit among gamers.


At its core, Magic Tiles 3 is a rhythm game that tests the player’s reaction time, agility, and concentration. The gameplay is simple yet addictive. The game consists of a scrolling board of tiles with different colors and symbols, and the player’s goal is to tap the tiles in time with the music that’s playing. The catch is that players must only tap the tiles that correspond to the melody of the song. The further the player progresses, the faster the tiles will move, and the more complex the songs will become.

One thing that sets Magic Tiles 3 apart from other rhythm games is that it’s not just about tapping the tiles at the right time. Players must also swipe across the screen to hit long notes, and hold down their fingers on specific tiles to play chords. The game also introduces a new “occasional tap” feature, where players must tap a tile that appears on the screen for a split second in order to earn bonus points.

Song library

Magic Tiles 3 has a huge library of songs from various genres, including Pop, EDM, Rock, Jazz, Blues, and Classical. At the beginning of the game, players have access to a limited number of songs, but as they progress and earn coins, they can unlock more songs. The songs are categorized into different levels of difficulty, ranging from Easy to Master, and each level has its own set of songs.

One of the best things about the game is that it constantly updates its song library. New songs are added on a regular basis, so players always have something new to play. The game also allows users to suggest songs that they’d like to see in the game, and the developers take these suggestions into account when updating the library.

Graphics and sound

One of the first things that players will notice about Magic Tiles 3 is the game’s stunning graphics. The tiles are colorful and vibrant, and the background animations are smooth and well-designed. The game also has a variety of themes that players can choose from, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, which add a nice touch of seasonal flair.

The game’s sound quality is equally impressive. The songs are reproduced with high-quality sound, and the piano sounds are accurate and realistic. The game also has an option for players to use headphones for an even more immersive playing experience.

Game modes

One of the things that sets Magic Tiles 3 apart from its predecessors is its diverse range of game modes. The game has four different modes, each with its own set of challenges:

Classic mode: In this mode, players must tap the black tiles that correspond with the melody. Players must be careful not to miss any tiles, otherwise the game will end.

Arcade mode: Arcade mode adds a little more challenge to the game. Players must tap the black tiles that correspond with the melody, but they must also avoid the white tiles. If they accidentally tap a white tile, the game will end.

Zen mode: Zen mode is a more relaxed version of the game. Players must tap the black tiles at their own pace, without the pressure of time limits or game overs.

Rush mode: Rush mode is the most challenging mode in the game. The gameplay is similar to Classic mode, but the tiles move much faster, and the songs are more complex.

Social features

Magic Tiles 3 also has some social features that add to the game’s fun factor. Players can connect with their friends on Facebook and see how they stack up against each other on the game’s leaderboards. Players can also send gifts to their friends, such as coins or energy, to help them progress in the game.

In addition, the game also has a chat feature where players can communicate with each other, share their experiences, and give each other tips on how to improve their gameplay. The chat feature is moderated by the game’s staff, so players can rest assured that the conversation will be safe and friendly.

In conclusion, Magic Tiles 3 is a game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. With its stunning graphics, high-quality sound, and diverse range of game modes, the game offers endless hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned rhythm game pro or a casual gamer looking for something new, Magic Tiles 3 is a game that’s definitely worth checking out.