iKeyboard: DIY Themes & Fonts
Miwa Developer

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iKeyboard is a keyboard application that offers exciting features for its users. It is an app that enables you to create your keyboard themes and design, giving you control over how your keyboard appears and functions. With customization features, you can personalize your iKeyboard to suit your style, preferences, and mood. Additionally, iKeyboard offers a variety of fonts and allows users to download additional fonts from the store.

iKeyboard’s DIY themes and fonts feature offers you an avenue to showcase your creativity and further enhance your phone’s visual appeal. If you’re a fan of personalizing your interface, give iKeyboard a try, and you’ll be introduced to a world full of endless possibilities.

Key Features of iKeyboard

The DIY Themes & Fonts feature is just one of the many features offered by iKeyboard. Here are some other features:

1. Auto-correct and Predictive Text
iKeyboard comes with a powerful auto-correct and predictive text feature for an optimized typing experience. It saves you time and helps you communicate more effectively.

2. Animated GIFs
With iKeyboard, you can include animated GIFs in your conversations with ease. The app features thousands of GIFs to choose from, making your conversations more lively and entertaining.

3. Emoji Prediction
Emoji lovers will appreciate the Emoji prediction feature offered by iKeyboard, which helps you find the perfect emoji match for your conversation.

4. Multilingual Support
iKeyboard supports more than 150 languages, making it accessible to people from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Creating Themes with iKeyboard

With iKeyboard’s DIY Themes feature, creating a custom theme is incredibly easy. Here’s a quick guide on creating custom themes with iKeyboard:

Step 1: Launch iKeyboard
Open iKeyboard on your device and select “Theme” from the menu.

Step 2: Create a New Theme
Tap on “New Theme” to create your new theme.

Step 3: Choose Background
Select your desired background. You can opt for a solid color, image or gradient.

Step 4: Choose Button Style
Choose your button style. You have the option to change the button shape, size, and color.

Step 5: Add Effects
Add effects such as particle, blur, or shade effects to enhance the theme.

Step 6: Save
Once you’re satisfied with your customization, save your theme, and it will appear in your theme list.

Creating Fonts with iKeyboard

iKeyboard has a vast library of fonts, but if none matches your style or mood, you can create your font with the DIY Fonts feature. Here is a guide to creating fonts with iKeyboard:

Step 1: Launch iKeyboard
Open iKeyboard on your device, select “Font” from the menu.

Step 2: Create a New Font
Tap “New Font” to create your new font.

Step 3: Choose Font Style
Choose your desired font style. You can choose a “normal” font or select from the app’s various font styles like Bold, Italic, Light, and more.

Step 4: Customize
Customize your font by adjusting the size and spacing to your preference.

Step 5: Save and Use
Once you’re done configuring your font, save it, and start using it in your conversations.


The iKeyboard app offers a wide range of features that make typing more fun and exciting. With the DIY Themes and Fonts feature, you can customize your keyboard to match your style, mood, or preferences. You can even create a unique font to use across various messaging apps on your device.

In conclusion, iKeyboard is an excellent app for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their phone’s keyboard. Download iKeyboard today and start enjoying a new level of personalization that’ll make you stand out in any conversation.