ibis Paint X
ibis inc.

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Ibis Paint X: The Ultimate Art Creation App

Art has always been an essential human activity as it allows us to express ourselves with various colors, shapes, and textures. Also, the use of technology has enabled artists to create more efficiently and conveniently in the modern age. One of the most effective tools for artists in the digital world is ibis Paint X. This app has become a popular choice among artists, both professionals and amateurs, as it offers various features and tools to make their work easier and more enjoyable.

Ibis Paint X is a free-to-download digital art creation app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is developed and published by ibis Inc. and designed to provide artists with tools to create digital art. Ibis Paint X boasts a wide range of features, including layers, 142 brushes, 64 filters, and a user-friendly interface suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals.


One of the main features of ibis Paint X is its user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate and use the app effortlessly. The app’s interface is similar to most art creation apps, with the same tools located neatly on the screen’s sides. The app’s interface is adjustable, and users can rearrange the tools for easier access. The app also includes different guide tools, such as a symmetry ruler and perspective line, that help users draw consistent lines and shapes.


Ibis Paint X boasts an extensive collection of brushes, including pencil, digital, blur, and many more, each with its unique features, textures, and sizes. The app also allows users to customize the brush’s shape, size, and opacity according to their preference. The brushes’ responsiveness is also impressive, with pressure sensitivity and a smoothing option that helps create smooth lines and blurs.


Another essential feature of ibis Paint X is the inclusion of layer features that allow users to work on different parts of the same artwork without disturbing others. Layers are useful when an artist is coloring an image, as they can work on different colors for different parts of the artwork. The app offers up to 25 layers, and users can rearrange, add or delete layers according to their needs.


Ibis Paint X also includes text tools that allow users to add text to their artwork. The text tool also features different fonts and colors, enabling users to customize their text’s appearance. The app also offers options to adjust the text’s size, spacing, and alignment.


The app also includes various filters that enable users to add different effects to their artwork, including color adjustments, exposure, tone curves, and gradients. The app’s filter features are similar to most photo editing apps and provide artists with a more vibrant and dynamic look to their artwork.


Ibis Paint X also features animation tools that enable users to animate their artwork. The app includes different animation styles like frame-by-frame and timeline, each with its unique features. The animation feature is suitable for creating short animations or animating drawings, which adds another dimension to the artwork.


Once the artwork is complete, ibis Paint X allows users to share their creations with others on different social media platforms. The app also features a community page where users can showcase their artwork and receive feedback from other artists.


Ibis Paint X has become an essential tool for digital artists worldwide, thanks to the app’s features and capabilities that make it easy and convenient to create digital artwork. The app’s user interface is easy to navigate, and the wide range of tools and features make it an ideal choice for both professionals and beginners. Whether creating illustrations, cartoons, or anime drawings, ibis Paint X is the ultimate creation app that helps artists realize their vision more efficiently and effectively.