Haircut prank, air horn & fart

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Haircut Prank, Air Horn & Fart: The Classic Prank Trio

Pranks have been around for centuries and will continue to be an essential part of human nature. Pranks come in different forms and with various levels of elements, such as humor, suspense, and shock. Pranks can be harmless and funny or even harmful and dangerous. One of the classic prank trilogies which many people find amusing consists of the Haircut prank, Air Horn, and Fart prank. This trio of pranks can be pulled off separately, but when combined, the outcome can be hilarious.

Haircut Prank

Haircut pranks usually involve cutting a lock of hair on someone’s head without their knowledge. It’s a simple prank, but it can be quite amusing and suspenseful, especially if you’re doing it to someone who often fusses about their hair. Haircut pranks are widely popular among friends, family, and even strangers.

The best way to execute a haircut prank is by using a pair of scissors. The scissors can be sharp or dull, but for safety reasons, always ensure that the scissors are dull. The dull pair of scissors will produce a sound when cutting through hair, which adds to the suspense of the prank. It is better executed when the victim is distracted by something else, like watching TV or reading a book.

Once you’ve snipped a lock of hair, it’s essential to dispose of it properly to prevent your victim from discovering the lock of hair. Haircut pranks can add suspense, shock, and humor to a situation and can make a dull day more interesting.

Air Horn

The Air Horn is one of the simplest pranks to pull off, yet it produces one of the most startling reactions. The Air Horn prank involves sneaking up on someone and blasting an extremely loud sound, comparable to a train horn, near their ears.

Air Horns are compact and portable, making them easy to carry and conceal. They are commonly used during sports events, concerts, or other public gatherings. However, the best place to pull an Air Horn prank is where people least expect it, like in a library or during a serious meeting.

The sound produced by an Air Horn is incredibly loud, and it can be harmful to the ears if the victim is too close. Therefore, it is essential to exercise some restraint and caution when pulling off an Air Horn prank. Some individuals may appreciate the humor in the prank, while others may find it frustrating and annoying.

Air Horn pranks can be done individually or in pairs. When done in pairs, one person sneaks up on the victim from behind while the other blasts the Air Horn, creating a more powerful and alarming effect. Be careful not to get caught while determining what distance to stay away from the prank victim while executing the prank.

Fart Prank

Farts have been a topic of humor and novelty for years. Fart pranks come in different varieties, including fake farts, silent but deadly farts, and the simple yet classic loud fart.

The classic fart prank involves letting out a loud fart sound in a public space, like on public transit or in a store. The fart sound is commonly achieved by squeezing a balloon, a whoopee cushion or releasing a real fart.

The fart sound has its timeless appeal, and it can elicit easily one of three reactions from individuals you’ve pranked: disgust, amusement, or embarrassment. People’s reactions are usually dictated by the environment and the individuals present at the scene. It’s better executed when the victim is around others and not aware of the prank.

Farting in public can be considered offensive in some cultures and etiquette situations if done intentionally, but if you’re using a whoopee cushion or balloon producing fart sounds, this activity is relatively low in impact and can ensure that no one is offended.

Combination of Haircut Prank, Air Horn & Fart

When combined, the Haircut Prank, Air Horn, and Fart prank can produce a hilarious effect. It can be executed in different ways, maintaining the surprise factor and ensuring there are enough participants to pull off the prank.

For example, two or three people can coordinate the pranks to produce a surprising and entertaining effect on their victim. The pranksters can start with the Haircut prank, and then immediately use the Air Horn before running away. The victim will then be left wondering what just happened before getting hit by a fart prank. The combination of these three classic pranks produces an excellent sequence of unexpected events that can make people laugh and feel entertained while not feeling offensive.


Pranks are an essential part of our lives, and when people participate in them, they are building relationships, bonding, and having fun. The Haircut prank, Air Horn, and Fart prank trinity is a classic trio that has been around for years, and whenever executed correctly, can produce a hilarious and entertaining effect. People should exercise restraint when performing these pranks because they can be offensive to some individuals.

Pranks have the power to bring people together, improve relationships and help people release stress. With a laughter and smile, it’s essential to ensure that we are not hurting people or creating any harm in our pranks. So, be responsible, have fun, and keep pranking.