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Gardenscapes: A Game that Unwind and Uplift

Video games have taken the world by storm. With hundreds of options in every genre, video games have become a full-fledged industry. One of the most popular genres of video games is the puzzle genre. Puzzle games have been around since the early days of gaming, and they have become a force to be reckoned within modern-day video games. One such game is Gardenscapes.

Launched on August 25, 2016, Gardenscapes is a puzzle game that is available on iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. The game was developed by the Russian video game development company, Playrix, and its success has put the surrounding enthusiasm of its players throughout the globe.

Gardenscapes is a match-3 game that takes place around a beautiful suburbian mansion with a slightly unruly garden. As the player, you’ll be tasked to help the butler, Austin, restore the garden to its former beauty. The game is set in a beautiful 2D world filled with various types of plants, animals, and beautiful decorations. Players need to match at least three identical items to remove them from the board and earn points.


The gameplay of Gardenscapes is unique and straightforward. The game’s objective is to complete the task, which is to gather a specific number of items in a specific area before the given number of moves end. To collect the necessary items, players must match three identical trees, flowers, and other garden-related elements to clear a path and create a beautiful garden. The board contains colored pieces that need to be swapped to form a match three or more elements in the board.

As a player, you’ll be working with a butler, Austin, who will suggest various ideas that will help improve the garden. Players will also have to deal with various characters throughout the game, each with their own unique backstory, to collect information to help uncover the secrets of the garden.

Gardenscapes is unique in the sense that it offers more variety than your average match-three gameplay. Players will encounter a variety of levels and challenges, including breaking up frozen blocks, digging up dirt to reveal buried items, and collecting items hidden underneath hanging baskets.

In addition to the match-3 gameplay, Gardenscapes also incorporates a fun mini-game that occurs periodically throughout the game. In the mini-game, players need to navigate a mower through a lawn that resembles a mazy and avoid obstacles and obstacles such as trees, bushes, and cars. The mini-game is a refreshing break from the match-3 gameplay and offers a welcome distraction.

Audio and Visuals:

The game is packed with eye-catching visuals that keep players engaged throughout the gameplay. Players will also appreciate the attention to detail in the game’s animation, which brings the garden to life. Whether it’s the flowers swaying in the wind, the water crashing against a fountain, or the grass moving in the breeze, the game’s visuals are stunning and perfect.

The audio of the game is equally impressive. The sound effects are relevant to the in-game action creating an immersive experience for the players.

Monetization Strategy:

The game is freemium, which means you can download and play for free. However, players who choose to play the game for free have limited gameplay. Eventually, players will need to pay for in-game bonuses that help complete tasks.

The game’s monetization strategy is balanced, and players are not forced to make payments. Players can earn in-game credits through gameplay, although earning them can be a slow process. Alternatively, players can opt to purchase credits using real money, which is a faster route to progress through the game.

The game’s in-app purchasing options include buying coins, which can be used to buy power-ups or extra moves, and a premium currency called stars, which can be used to buy more lavish decorations for the player’s garden.


For a game with such a simplistic premise, Gardenscapes has a devoted fan base. The game actively engages its players in the game’s development, and the developers often respond to user feedback on various channels like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and the game’s official forum.

Players can also interact with other Gardenscapes fans through Facebook, Reddit or the official Garden Escape subreddit. The community is active and friendly, and there are many videos and guides available online for new players who want to learn the ropes.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Gardenscapes is an engaging and addictive game that is ideal for puzzle game fans. It’s a fantastic way to unwind and uplift, with its relaxing gameplay and stunning visuals. Although the game’s difficulty can be challenging as you progress, players who stick with Gardenscapes will be rewarded with an ever-expanding and evolving garden to explore and improve.

It’s an enjoyable gaming experience that is suitable for players of all ages, and it’s free to play, which is a great bonus. While in-app purchases are an option, they are not required to complete the game, and players can still enjoy the game without spending anything. So, if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing game that keeps on giving, give Gardenscapes a try, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of those games that will keep you coming back for more.