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Flashfood: An Innovative Solution to Food Waste

Food waste is a huge problem that affects not only households but also retailers and food manufacturers. Every year, billions of pounds of food go to waste, polluting the environment and wasting valuable resources. However, a new technology-based solution called Flashfood is aiming to reduce food waste and help consumers access high-quality food at discounted prices.

Flashfood is a mobile app that connects consumers with unsold food products from local grocery stores, giving them the opportunity to purchase these items at reduced prices. The app was developed by Josh Domingues in Toronto in 2016, after he noticed how much food was being wasted in grocery stores. He decided to create a solution that would not only benefit consumers but also reduce food waste across the entire supply chain.

How Flashfood Works

Flashfood is a three-step process that makes it easy for consumers to access discounted food products. Firstly, grocery store staff scan products that are approaching their expiration dates, and these products are uploaded onto the Flashfood platform. Secondly, consumers can browse available products on the app and purchase them at a discount of up to 50%. Finally, they collect their purchases from a designated area in the grocery store, usually in the produce section.

The app is easy to use and features a range of products, including fresh produce, meat, dairy, and baked goods. Flashfood also offers a wide range of non-perishable products, such as canned goods and dry goods, which are often available at even deeper discounts. Products are added to the app daily, so there are always new deals to be found.

The Benefits of Using Flashfood

Flashfood is an innovative solution to food waste, providing a range of benefits for consumers, retailers, and the environment. Here are some of the key benefits of using Flashfood:

1. Cost savings: Consumers can save money by purchasing discounted products that are still fresh and high-quality. These discounted products are often still perfectly good to eat, but may have an approaching expiry date.

2. Reduced food waste: By using Flashfood, retailers can reduce the amount of unsold food that would otherwise go to waste. This benefits both the environment and the retailer’s bottom line.

3. Convenience: Flashfood allows consumers to purchase discounted products from the convenience of their smartphone, with no need to search through the store for markdowns.

4. Sustainability: Diverting food from landfills is an important way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and Flashfood enables consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by consuming food that would otherwise go to waste.

The potential impact of Flashfood on food waste is significant. The app has expanded rapidly in recent years, and now partners with several major grocery chains, including Loblaws, Meijer, and Giant Eagle. It is estimated that Flashfood has helped divert more than 400,000 pounds of food from landfills, saving over 1,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in the process.

Future Directions for Flashfood

Flashfood is still a relatively new technology, but it has enormous potential to expand and revolutionize the food industry. One promising development is the potential to link Flashfood with other technologies such as meal kit delivery services or recipe apps. This would enable consumers to purchase discounted food products that are specifically tailored to their individual preferences and dietary needs.

Another potential avenue for growth is partnering with food manufacturers to reduce waste at the production level. Flashfood could work with manufacturers to identify overproduction or reject products that may still be fit for consumption, enabling consumers to access discounted products earlier in the supply chain.

Finally, Flashfood could also expand internationally, with the potential to reduce food waste globally. The technology is already being used in Canada and the United States, but there is scope for it to be adopted in other countries.


Flashfood is an innovative technology that is making significant strides in reducing food waste while providing consumers with access to high-quality food at discounted prices. It is a win-win solution for both retailers and consumers, providing a sustainable solution to a major global problem. As the app continues to expand and evolve, it has the potential to revolutionize the food industry and reduce food waste on a large scale.