ADP Mobile Solutions

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ADP Mobile Solutions: A Comprehensive HR App for Businesses on the Go

For many businesses, managing human resources (HR) can be a daunting task, especially when juggling multiple employees with varied HR needs. Thankfully, in the age of digital transformation and mobile technology, ADP Mobile Solutions streamlines HR management.

ADP Mobile Solutions is a comprehensive HR app that allows businesses to manage employee payroll, time and attendance, benefits and retirement plans, HR analytics, and more from any mobile device. Available for iOS and Android, ADP Mobile Solutions provides an easy-to-use platform that enables businesses to manage HR on the go.

Key Features of ADP Mobile Solutions

1. Payroll Management

As a business grows and adds more employees, managing payroll can become time-consuming and complex. ADP Mobile Solutions simplifies the payroll management process by providing real-time, secure access to payroll data, including pay statements, tax forms, and direct deposit information. The app also allows employees to adjust their tax withholding, update direct deposit information and view their earnings history.

ADP Mobile Solutions also enables businesses to manage payroll on the go. Employers can approve timecards and manage time-off requests in real-time with the mobile app. This can help businesses avoid time-consuming manual data entry tasks, streamline their payroll process, and reduce the risk of error.

2. Time and Attendance Management

Keeping track of employees’ work hours can also be a challenge for businesses that operate around the clock. ADP Mobile Solutions provides an easy-to-use time and attendance management system that allows employers to manage remote teams or staff working offsite. With the app, employees can clock in and out from anywhere, while employers can manage their schedules, scan timecards, approve employee timesheets, and track PTO and sick days.

The app also provides insights into employee attendance trends, enabling employers to identify and address attendance issues proactively. This feature can help businesses minimize lost productivity, minimize employee turnover, and improve employee experience.

3. Benefit and Retirement Plan Management

ADP Mobile solutions provide an easy-to-use platform for managing employee benefits and retirement plans. From the app, employers can help employees enroll in new benefits or update existing ones. Employers can also manage their employee retirement plans, including 401(k) and IRA accounts.

Additionally, ADP Mobile Solutions offers a tool called Fidelity NetBenefits, which allows employees to access their retirement accounts directly from the app. This feature provides a convenient and mobile-friendly way to manage their 401(k) accounts, check balances, and make contributions. It’s a significant improvement over the traditional paper-based retirement planning process!

4. HR Analytics

ADP Mobile Solutions offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard that allows businesses to view critical HR information at a glance. Employers can view employee headcounts, turnover rates, and other essential HR metrics. With this information, businesses can identify areas where they need to improve, identify trends, and develop strategies to improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

The app also enables employers to configure individualized reports and graphs, enabling them to dive deeper into HR data and customize their views on the HR metrics that matter the most.

5. Security and Compliance

ADP Mobile Solutions provides superior security features that protect sensitive employee data from unauthorized access. The app uses encryption and multi-factor authentication to secure login and data transfers. Also, the app complies with all applicable data privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The app also features a robust disaster recovery plan that ensures that employee data can be recovered in the event of a data breach or other significant disruption. For businesses, ensuring data security and compliance is imperative, and ADP Mobile Solutions offers peace of mind in this regard.

6. Easy Integration with Other ADP Solutions

ADP Mobile Solutions integrates seamlessly with other ADP solutions, including ADP Workforce Now and ADP TotalSource. This integration ensures that businesses can manage their HR tasks from one central location, making it easier to track employee data and make informed decisions.

ADP Mobile Solutions even allows employers to choose which HR functions they want to use, so they can create a custom HR suite that best fits their business needs.


In summary, ADP Mobile Solutions is a comprehensive HR management app that streamlines the HR process for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly interface, robust features, and easy-to-use platform make it an ideal solution for businesses seeking to manage their HR tasks on the go. From payroll management to retirement planning, time and attendance tracking, and HR metrics and analytics, the app has it all. ADP Mobile Solutions allows businesses to focus on what they do best while leaving HR tasks to the professionals. And with the app available on smartphones and tablets, HR management has never been so easy and convenient.