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Adidas has always been at the forefront of innovative sportswear, and the brand’s latest creation, Adidas CONFIRMED, is no exception.

Adidas CONFIRMED is an online platform that allows customers to reserve their favorite Adidas products before they are released to the public. This system ensures that Adidas fans are always ahead of the game, with exclusive access to the latest Adidas drops.

In this article, we will explore the history of Adidas CONFIRMED, its features and benefits, and how customers can use the platform to their advantage.

The History of Adidas CONFIRMED

Adidas CONFIRMED was launched in February 2015 and was originally intended to be a platform for customers to purchase limited-edition releases from Adidas. The platform debuted with the release of Kanye West’s highly anticipated Yeezy Boost sneakers, and the exclusive nature of the release caused quite a stir among Adidas fans.

The popularity of the Yeezy Boost release sparked the idea of creating a reservation system that would allow customers to secure their favorite Adidas products before they officially hit the market. This concept was a game-changer for Adidas and proved to be a huge success.

Since its launch, Adidas CONFIRMED has become the go-to platform for customers looking to reserve the latest Adidas products. The platform has expanded beyond just sneaker releases, offering customers the opportunity to reserve a wide range of products, including apparel and accessories.

Features and Benefits of Adidas CONFIRMED

Adidas CONFIRMED offers many features that set it apart from other online retail platforms. Let’s take a closer look at what the platform has to offer its users.

Product Reservations

The primary feature of Adidas CONFIRMED is the ability for customers to reserve their favorite Adidas products before they are released to the public. Users can select the size and color of the product they want, and then reserve it using the platform.

The reservation process is straightforward and easy to use. Customers simply need to download the Adidas CONFIRMED app, select the product they want to reserve, and follow the steps to complete their reservation. The process is similar to making a purchase, but the customer is reserving the product rather than buying it outright.

Exclusive Access

By reserving products through Adidas CONFIRMED, users gain exclusive access to limited-edition releases that may be difficult to purchase otherwise. This aspect of the platform is particularly appealing to sneakerheads who are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest releases.

Early Notifications

Adidas CONFIRMED also provides users with early notifications about upcoming releases. This feature ensures that users never miss out on a release they are interested in and can be among the first to reserve their favorite products.

Easy Returns and Exchanges

Adidas CONFIRMED offers easy returns and exchanges for products that are not the right fit or not as described. This feature provides customers with peace of mind and ensures that they are satisfied with their purchase.

How to Use Adidas CONFIRMED

Using Adidas CONFIRMED is straightforward and easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to reserving products through the platform:

Step 1: Download the Adidas CONFIRMED app

The Adidas CONFIRMED app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Customers can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Create an account

Customers will need to create an Adidas CONFIRMED account to use the platform. The registration process is simple and only requires customers to provide basic information like their name, email, and password.

Step 3: Browse available products

Once customers have created an account, they can browse the available products on the platform and select the product they want to reserve.

Step 4: Reserve the product

Customers can reserve the product by entering their size and color preference and following the steps to complete the reservation.

Step 5: Wait for confirmation

After reserving the product, customers will need to wait for confirmation from Adidas that their reservation was successful. Once the customer receives confirmation, they can pick up their product at the designated location.


Adidas CONFIRMED is a game-changer for Adidas fans, providing an exclusive platform for reserving the latest Adidas products before they are released to the public. With its easy reservation process, exclusive access to limited-edition releases, and early notifications about upcoming drops, Adidas CONFIRMED is the go-to platform for customers looking to stay ahead of the game. If you’re an Adidas fan, there’s no better time to start using Adidas CONFIRMED.